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So you have been playing Gacha Club and you are inspired by the idea of creation amazing anime characters? We have something new and no less exciting for you – this is a coloring book where you are going to meet all the best heroes of Gacha Club, so cute and so different. This coloring book is for everyone who likes drawing – you are welcome to color each part and element of the picture the way you like to see how colors work together.

The best thing: characters are very bright, so when you choose particular colors to paint them, you can see how the chosen shades coincide with their personality. Painting a cute angelic girl into pastel colors is awesome, but how about a bit experimenting? What if you try painting her clothes and hair in the colors that are bright and even a bit acid? This will make her look in the different way! Open new sides of the well-known heroes painting them into unexpected colors.

So the coloring book includes numerous pages where you will find black and white images of your most favorite anime heroes. Each picture has a high resolution and large size, which means that you are welcome to print the pictures out and hang them on your wall as posters! Just imagine – a collection of original images that depict adorable anime characters painted with your own hands! We bet that these are the wallpapers of your dream!

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