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So you like anime and manga, right? Of course, you do! And you have been looking for the best game that will support your interest for the Japanese animation. Well, if you were thinking that there are so many resources and skills needed to create a cartoon, indeed, you were right. However, today, everything will change, because now you have the ultimate tool for anime creation – this is Gacha Life and Gacha Club, cool games that look like creative studios where you can create stories, visuals, dialogues, and everything you want!

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Visual novels, alive manga, and true anime series will appear on your screen. The characters, stories, and concepts are all yours. However, the game will help you – if you are not very familiar with the process, it will provide some sample, initial adjustable characters, clothes, accessories, and everything else you may need.

How does the process of creation go?
First, you make the characters for your narration. The game allows you to create a number of them – this ensures that you can invent situtaions and interactions to make them all express themselves. The characters can be done from the ground up or with the help of some initial skins – customize and change them or start working from the very beginning. Choose the way your hero looks like – his/her hair, eyes, skin, face traits, body, and everything else. When you are done with the basics, you are welcome to move to the details – clothes, accessories, items, and even pets can be added as well. Second, you need to know where your story happens – this means that you should think about the environment that suits your heroes. Which place is the best for them to meet? You don’t have to choose something obvious – experiment and get creative! For example, why don’t you make a pair of college students meet on Mars instead of a school yard? Third, write the phrases your characters will say to one another – this is the “meat” of your story. Don’t forget to add face expressions and gestures they make during a conversation – this will make everything look lively and nice.
Creation and communication
Gacha is more than just a studio where you create visual stories. This is an entire community where people meet and communicate every single day! You are welcome to talk to the other players using online chats – your heroes can meet, interact, play, and even fight! They can exchange objects and even take part in the same stories. Isn’t it a great idea to find someone who shares your ideas and arrange a group project? One head is great, but two and more heads are even greater! Together, you can become a team of anime-makers and make your courageous dreams become reality! Share, develop together, and come up with amazing ideas to bring the real anime-masterpieces to life!
In this section, you will find Gacha Life, Gacha Club, as well as other additional versions of the game. We have all parts of Gacha, from the first to the third one! Also, you will find a nice coloring book here – the brand new way to interact with your favorite characters. The collection includes unblocked and fresh games you have been looking for – all of them are free and don’t require downloading! Play them online and have fun! Find new friends and open up your talents.

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