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Have you ever played the best game where you can create super-cool cartoon heroes and place them into the environment created by you? How about inventing plots and writing dialogues then seeing how your heroes communicate? They will even have their personal poses, gestures, and face expressions! Such a variety and richness is available in Gacha Club, the creative title where you and other fans of Japanese animation will find the best place to communicate, play, and implement your creative ideas in life with no restrictions. The idea of Gacha is providing you with incredible environment filled with numerous amazing instruments for creative work. First, you are going to combine different features and traits of bodies and faces to make your character look the way you want him/her to look! This is an amazing process where you can experiment and see if the chosen traits support and express your character’s inner state!

Will you make someone cute and innocent like an angel? Or maybe you would like to create a naughty and playful neko-girl? How about a magician, warrior, or a high school student? There are clothes, accessories and weapons that will help you to make a hero of any kind. What is even cooler, you can create two, three, and more of them! Make sure that you make the type of heroes that can have interesting conversations, collision, and even struggles or drama – support your central idea with the traits they implement. When you are done with the heroes, move to the background and place them somewhere they could have met and have some kind of a situation – be it a school yard, other dimension, forest, battlefield, or any other place you can imagine.

The mobile version of Gacha Club is absolutely the same as you know it from the original one – all features, design options, and instruments for character and environment making are present here and you don’t have to worry about any restrictions! The mobile version is convenient and having one on your smartphone or tablet means that you can stay in the amazing world of this creative game wherever you are – keep contact with your comrades from the Gacha community, make sketches or your new ideas, and create full-fledged projects no matter where you are. Everything you need is an Internet connection and you are always tuned.

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