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Are you an anime fan? If yes, then we have an idea for you! That’s enough – no more passive sitting in front of the screen of your TV or laptop, watching your favorite series. Now the time has come to act and create! Get inspired by your most favorite Japanese cartoons and become the author of one as well. You don’t need anything special to make this happen. Neither you need to draw like a real artist, nor you have to hire an entire team of animators and designers. Everything you need is a pack of your genius ideas. And the game called Gacha Life, of course! Gacha is arranged like a studio for an animator and story-writer.

This is the best entertainment for everyone who has always dreamt of being one, but didn’t have any resources. Now all of them are concentrated in one game that is available for free and online. No download, no learning, no installation – just jump in and start. So, where to start? Everything is quite simple. The game encourages you to create a small cartoon for a couple of frames. The cartoon is entirely your creation – this cool app has everything to allow you create a real masterpiece. Character design, environment, plot, dialogues, small details like pets and even face expressions can be added to make your brilliant work truly perfect.

You can share it with other members of the community once you reach a particular level and gain enough experience. Of course, you can also view the creations of players from the server, make your characters meet and communicate, and even struggle. There are small games in case you want to make the gameplay more variable – enjoy all sides of Gacha and find a perfect environment that always has something to surprise you with. As any other game on this website, Gacha is free to play online – join the massive community of joyful and creative people right now and have fun!

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