Gacha Life 2

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Hooray, the new part of your favorite anime game is here! This is Gacha and you are welcome to continue your adventures in the world created… by you! As you may remember from the first part of the series, Gacha is all about creativity and imagination – you are welcome to create any kind of character using the samples and features provided by the game, then you can place him or her to any environment, and finally write a story. The character creation is just a part of this incredible process! When you enter the animation studio, there you can make up an entire cartoon, creating it frame by frame, catching the smallest moments of the story. For example, you can change the expression of your hero. Let’s say something happens or he/she hears someone talking. He/she might have reactions on what is happening and the players are welcome to implement them in life by changing the expression and more – poses, gestures, and other traits can be changed, too. Make him/her surprised, scared, happy, sad, suspicious, or more! And, of course, like any anime character, yours may have a special pose – the one that characterizes him/her.

The second part is full of new features and elements that allow you to create even more diverse and interesting characters. There are more initial samples that are available for full customization. Also, you can create your own heroes from the ground up – make them look any way you want! More face traits, hairstyles, outfits, accessories, weapons, and cute pets are at your disposal in the second part of Gacha, the best club for everyone looking for friends and opportunities to make up incredible projects. The second part includes more mini-games where you can control you character and complete various tasks – puzzle-solving, gathering, rearranging something, etc. The variety of things to do in your most favorite anime online club never ends. New features, backgrounds, gestures, and expressions will surely come in handy if you like to make diverse and interesting stories where everything looks and feels like real anime-series. Your characters will be livelier than they ever were in the second part of the game where everything can happen. Start playing and don’t forget to tell your friends that the second part of Gacha is available at our site! There are different parts and installation of Gacha here and all of the are free to enjoy online! Start your anime journey now and become a real character designer!

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