Gacha Life 3

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Your adventures in the bright anime universe where everything is possible continue! Are you ready for the third part of Gacha? Here you go then – the most popular and highly-advanced character creation and storytelling entertainment comes back in the brand new look. The third part is something you cannot miss, especially if you are the real fan of anime and namely – the Gacha Club. Of course, you have had thousands of opportunities in two previous parts of the series, but now you will enjoy even more of them – the game developers continue adding something marvelous and truly unique. If you cannot have enough of Gacha adventures and creation, then jump into the game and see your most creative and courageous plots and ideas coming to life. Ready? We have prepared a free version of the game that doesn’t need any downloading – just launch the game and the entire universe is under your control!

So, what’s new? The latest part of Gacha has a full range of options that can make your projects even more amazing and lively. First of all, everything starts with characters that you create with your own hands. As you remember from the previous installations, the game has numerous variants of your character’s appearance – this regards to face, eyes, hair, skin, colors, and the most appealing and interesting – clothes. The dresses, trousers, shorts, skirts, school uniforms, jackets, and more are available! Here you can create a character dressed in casual clothes – everyday outfit like jeans and sweater, for instance. You can make him/her dressed to the latest trends of Asian fashion, visual key, Harajuku, and more! Not only that, but also traditional anime images are available. You are welcome to make up a magical girl like in the series you have seen in mahoushoujo – Madoka or even Sailor Moon. Also, you can create a samurai, ninja, or a character of any other type – everything depends on you! Then place your character to the world you create and see him or her communicating with other heroes (created by you as well). The game allows you to feel yourself as a creator, designer, animator, and story-writer. Jump into the game and make everything you want – the whole anime universe is your field for creation and enjoyment!

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