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Looking for an opportunity to find new friends and get creative all together? Well, we have the best option for you – this is Gacha Club, one of the best games that are more like communities. Here you will have a chance to do a great deal of amazing stuff. The game is absolutely perfect for anime and manga fans, since it features numerous character creation opportunities right in the style of Japanese animation. Whether you want to make up a hero basing on the samples or the one you imagine in your head – you have both possibilities here. The game provides you with an incredible number of elements and features that will help you make your Gacha heroes original and absolutely adorable.

The process starts with the character-making. You are presented with a number of options when it comes to different traits of your character. This includes eyes, body, hair, and of course – clothes and accessories. Choose the colors and shapes you like the most! Make your character look like the one you have seen in your favorite series, create someone similar to you and/or your friends, or let your creativity flow even further and make someone absolutely brand new. When you are finished with the character, you can make another one – the game allows you to create a whole cute-looking crowd of chibies and make them participate in the story you write on your own. Yes, in this game, you create a full-fledged project where you are a designer, story-writer, and director – all in one. So if you have ever dreamt of implementing your ideas in life in the form of anime-plot, grab this game and enjoy! The variety of stories is truly endless – you can arrange any of them – be it a school anecdote, an epic fantasy saga, romance, or more! Everything is in your hands, so wait no longer, jump in, and let your Gacha world amaze everyone on the game server, including you!

The game is bright and exciting! On this site, you can play the full version of it, the one where all customization options, character features, and background are yours – just click the Play button and you are there! The projects done in Gacha Club are all shareable and you are welcome to cooperate and communicate with other members not only to make up some cooperative projects, but also to make friends that are as fond of anime, manga, and story-writing as you are! Open new horizons and see how a really cool character creator can look like – Gacha has no equal games regarding the variety of content and high level of interactivity!

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