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Looking for something cool and new in a well-known, good, old title? Here you go then! The latest version of Gacha Life is here, so you are welcome to become a part of the large community of anime fans. From fans all of you, guys, become real creators today. The idea of the game is rather simple – you have a set of amazing tools to make heroes, write their stories, invent their phrases, and see what is happening on the screen – we bet that you can surprise yourself! The trick is that your characters will all look differently and, of course, like any anime one, their appearance expresses their personality. They will literally guide you when you will invent situations and dialogues for them – their appearance, gestures, expressions, and other features will make you follow the directions to keep up with their images.

In the new version of the game, you are welcome to create dozens of characters and all of them are original – you are the master here! There are new elements, clothes, accessories, weapons, and even pets for them! You have never seen the content as rich as that – no character creation game can boast of being that diverse and bright. So there are two ways of playing Gacha – you make up the characters and invent various situations with them, which makes a real anime! Add various frames and make up stories in any format you want – whether adventures, humor, or romance. If you have always dreamt about becoming an author of a cartoon or live comics (let’s say, a visual novel), then this game is a real treasure for you. It has all the instruments and even characters’ samples for you – just use them all to the full extent and enjoy being a god of the anime world! The second format is small games, competition, gathering/collecting missions, and various tasks that will help your hero develop and gain scores. You can combine both – this will make your playing process more diverse and you will never get bored!

In fact, it is impossible to get bored with Gacha! The freshest version of the game is at your disposal – launch it now and see how amazing and bright the anime worlds can be, especially when you participate in the creation process. Start now and awaken a professional designer and storywriter in yourself! We bet that this is experience you have been looking for and a set of tools that will make you feel like you are in a real anime studio!

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