Gacha Club 2020

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The freshest version of Gacha Club, full of amazing features, add-ons, and cool possibilities is here for you! The game is famous for being both – a collection of creative entertainments and the field for communication and socialization. The version of 2020 is even richer regarding these two aspects. You can find new buddies among the players that also enjoy this game and here comes the best news – they are definitely fond of anime and manga, just like you are. Start your Gacha journey with creating and dressing a character that looks anyway you want – whether you prefer creating someone you know from the series you have seen time ago or maybe a hero that will be your alter ego. The choice is yours.

The features and character creation options has grown this year.What is more, the environmental creative options are also refreshed. Yes, previously, there was a huge number of them available, but now there are even more, which means that your worlds, heroes, and stories will become even richer. Don’t be shy to experiment with different stories and characters, place the same participants in different conditions or vice versa – arrange the same stories for various anime-characters. See what you will get and which story is the best for you. Then make sure to share it with other Gacha-members and see how they react. Maybe, you will find partners for a group project this way!

Own an entire studio for anime creation – now it has more tools and an opportunity to create more frames per one plot. This means that you can make scenes better, adding more technical things as well as emotions, poses, and face expressions. When you do that, your anime reminds of the real TV series more and more! See your heroes walking around the locations you add, talking, fighting, and making friends. Make friends among the creators as well – this is the whole community, not just a character maker.

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