Gacha Club for PC

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Hey there, anime fans! We bet that you like watching amazing anime series of different genres, don’t you? However, when watching your favorite show, have you ever been thinking of creating something? Yes, we mean, your own anime! You would say: “I cannot draw! I don’t have instruments and special software/skills to create a cartoon!” However, we have great news for you – you don’t need to own a studio or hire a team of professionals to create a real anime-show now – Gacha Club includes everything you may need. Here you will find a great range of various features for character design, background drawing, scenes inventing, and more.

The computer version of Gacha Club is full-fledged, well-done, and includes every single details and tool you may need. Here you will start with making a small and cute character or a couple of them. If you are planning to go far beyond character design and make your ideas alive via stories, dialogues, and interesting situations – we recommend you to create a number of heroes! When you do so, the situations between them will be easily to invent and outplay. The next stage of the game is environment and playing a PC version you are welcome to see each presented background at its best – large, full, and detailed.

Not only you can enjoy the creation process, but also join numerous small games – the Club welcomes you to make your character even more alive, so you can place him/her into a puzzle game and complete various tasks to check how your amazing hero looks and acts in reality. What is even greater – you can develop your hero and gain new levels to reach more and more opportunities, features, and possibilities presented by the rich world of Gacha. Enjoy your own anime universe and become a creator! The game has no restrictions – play it online for free and enjoy all the best sides of cartoon design!

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